Learning at our Place

At MRI our team of skilled teaching professionals are focused on ensuring that each child experiences success beyond what they thought they were capable of. Teachers have sound, up to date understanding of current teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

Our teachers are focused on building quality relationships both with the students and families. We believe that when home, child and schoolwork together, powerful learning occurs.

Your child’s two years at Mount Roskill Intermediate School are a time for exploration of new subjects with specialist teachers but still with the security of being attached to one class group.

“A culture of care, acceptance and inclusiveness enhances the school’s environment for all learners”.

2013 ERO Report


The Principles that underpin what we do

Learning to Learn: 

  • Learning, both for students and teachers, is at the heart of what we do. It is supported by relationships that focus on the learning and the learner.
  • The curriculum, extra-curricular opportunities and extension programmes reflect our High Expectations.
  • All students are empowered to learn and achieve. Safe, respectful environments for learning provide a solid foundation for learning.

Authentic Learning Contexts:

  • Learning opportunities are integrated and cumulative with a learning focus on a future world and future issues.

Valuing Diversity:

  • We are richer for our differences. We can learn something from everyone. Inclusion and respect is at the heart of our school.


Powerful educational connections and productive partnerships with family, people outside the school and the campus are formed. This adds to the success of our learners.

We believe that at the heart of all learning are relationships. A student who feels safe, happy and valued will learn. Our school wide Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L) supports this and encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. 

Regular collected Student Voice identifies that our students feel valued, supported in their learning, safe and know what they working on with their learning.

"The school's curriculum very effectively promotes and supports student learning. Students have many opportunities to learn outside the classroom, and their cultures and backgrounds are used as a basis for much learning."

2013 ERO Report


Strive to reach their potential by:

  • Setting and reflecting on personal learning goals
  • Persevere - learn to never give up!
  • Give new things a go
  • Make the most of opportunities
  • Value learning.


Seek to become better citizens in our community by:

  • Being thoughtful
  • Respecting others and the environment
  • Valuing others differences
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Celebrating diversity and difference


Find success and friendship:

  • Feel safe
  • Have a sense of belonging
  • Learn from each other
  • Make progress in learning
  • Feel valued