Classes are provided for children who have English as a second language or are new speakers of English. There is emphasis on the oral language process as students are taught to recognise and sound out words to enhance their vocabulary. 

An ESOL reading/literacy programme is able to assist in students learning to comprehend texts at their own level. The ESOL programme also provides on-going classroom support by identifying students' needs through diagnostic testing and by organising level-appropriate resources for use in the student's own classroom. 

Here you'll find some useful information about your child's education from the Ministry of Education website, along with some bi-lingual reading booklets on how you can help your child with their learning. There are also other websites that your child can access to find literacy and numeracy activities for them to do.

esol learning support
esol learning support
esol learning support
esol learning support

Reading Support

The Rainbow Reading programme is a programme designed to complement existing classroom and special reading programmes, for those older students who are reading below their chronological age.

Students are given texts and related activities that are at their reading comprehension level and are assessed regularly until they have achieved mastery at that level.

Ministry of Education

Visit the Ministry of Education website for:

  • Multi-lingual forms and notices
  • Progress and Achievement- National Standards, Helping Your Child with Homework
  • Support for Your Child

reading support