numeracyHelping with Numeracy

Working together is the most important difference that we can make to your child’s learning!

Open these attachments on how to help your child at home with their Numeracy. Please contact your child’s class teacher If you are unsure of the current Numeracy Stage that they are working on.

The Pamphlet contains information about how you can help your child with their Maths.  To view a copy of our Parent Workshop presentation, click here.



Card Games

The Video shows a parent playing number card games with their child. They are using the games that are on the ‘Numeracy Card Games’ attachment. The Card games are designed to help them with their number knowledge and basic facts. All you need is a pack of playing cards.

  • If English is not the child's first language, let them answer the questions and do their thinking in their first language. This will still help them with their maths.
  • Give them time to think!
  • Try to keep the session enjoyable.


More Maths Resources

This link will take you to other maths activities that you can do with your child to help them.