Reading Together - What is it?

Reading Together is a workshop for parents that runs over 4 sessions.

It is designed to help you, as parents and caregivers, to support your children with their reading.

Reading Together will give you the tools to help your child reach the National Standard for Reading.

Reading Together provides support for all children and their parents/whanau who may be struggling with reading, who don’t like to read,who like reading but don’t always do well in tests or who are currently below the National Standard.

Come join us ...

We know that children who enjoy reading are more likely to

become successful at school.

We know that it can help to increase your child’s success at

school if parents, teachers and students all work together.

Teachers will check your child’s progress whilst on the programme and will feed back to you how it is impacting on their work in class.

We can help you find ways to set up a reading time with your child and give you strategies to make it an enjoyable and helpful experience.